a class of usually malevolent supernatural entities


traditional prescientific faith healer, or member of certain tribal societies who acts as a spiritual and/or religious medium between the concrete and spiritual worlds


Member of a Semitic ethnic group, found in many nations across the Middle East, that speaks the Arabic language; Arabic could be *{Arab} Hol*


A transgender person, to be transgender, etc. Describes someone whose gender differs from their assigned sex. Could be translated as a noun or an adjective.


A person who is not on active duty. In the Klingon society, this could refer to Klingon monks, servants, children, people who have not undergone…


a public official appointed to decide cases in a court of law.


A person who has been a target of a crime, or a casualty of an accident


A person who is professionally involved in the politics. Also a derogatory term for a person who manipulates or pleases others just to gain own…

hermit, recluse

someone who lives alone and shuns human companionship. "Some of the devotees of the monastery on Boreth became hermits."