Klingon Phrases

In order to help you get a feel for Klingon (and perhaps use it a little in your everyday life, to the delight and amusement of your family and friends), we've prepared a phrasebook of useful everyday phrases in Klingon. Click the button with the Klingon phrase to hear it pronounced, and read the page on Klingon sounds to get a better understanding of how to produce the sounds of Klingon.

Yes. (answer to yes/no question) or 
No. (answer to yes/no question)
Yes, OK, I'll do it. or 
No, don't, I won't.
Traditional Greeting (Literally, "What do you want?", said to someone approaching you, and does not mean "Hello")
What's happening?
I understand.
I don't understand.
Good! (expression of satisfaction)
Well done!
Where is the bathroom?
Come in (to more than one person: )
Come here.
Go away. (to more than one person: )
Open the door! (See note if you think something is missing here.)
Don't be silly. (to more than one person: )
Your mother has a smooth forehead! (Note: this is a powerful insult; don't say it to friends.)
Today is a good day to die.
We are Klingons!
Happy birthday. (to more than one person: )
What time is it? (Literally, "How many times has it [presumably some traditional hour alarm] been heard?")
Shut up! (to more than one person: )
That's great news! (Literally, "The plates are full")