Contact the Klingon Language Institute

The KLI has become aware that someone is sending illegal phishing email that claims to be charging or requesting money from people and that contains links that go to the KLI website in an attempt to blame us for these messages. The subject of the email maybe “Online Bill Pay”. The KLI is not sending these messages. The KLI does not request money from people, nor does it have the ability to charge bank accounts. These emails are fakes. If you believe your bank account details have been stolen, you should contact your bank immediately and inform them of your concern. Unfortunately there is nothing the KLI can do to prevent these messages.

If you would like to contact KLI staff with questions regarding the organization please use either the form below or message us through our Facebook Page.

Please note that the KLI is NOT currently offering any scholarships. If we offer them again in the future, we will post information on our website. Questions about scholarships sent via this form will be ignored. 

If you have questions regarding the Klingon language itselt (requests for translations, words, or grammar) please use our question and answer forum instead.

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