Word: demon



a class of usually malevolent supernatural entities

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    1. Fek'lhr gets boring after awhile. I speak for more than myself when I say that we want more mythological variety besides {veqlargh} and {tlhapragh} and {SIqnaSwaq}.

      1. Then I'd prefer to ask for other Klingon mythological entities rather than asking for a translation of angel, demon etc. That always makes it sound like they're the same thing, same as when mythology of different Earth cultures is compared using such words. It creates a false equivalency in people's minds.

        1. MO is well aware of these quite valid concerns and often disambiguates the wording of chabal suggestions from native Klingon finalized words. My motivation for voting for this is that we'll have more Klingon mythological beings to talk about besides Fek'lhr. There's no reason why MO would specifically assume an Abrahamic-style demon.