KLI Press

The KLI, in its role as sponsoring the development and study of Klingon literature, is active in publishing works on its own. We hope to add more titles here as we continue our active and constructive activities in promoting Klingon writing. Select the title for more information about each work.

Printed Books

Our version of one of the most famous works in English literature.

A true epic; a tale of battle and glory: Gilgamesh.

From the Grammarian's Desk

A collection of columns from our journal, HolQeD, by the KLI's first Grammarian, Captain Krankor.

Another restored Shakespeare play. Read it in the original Klingon!

Lao Tsu's classic text with a new English translation, and featuring the world's first translation into Klingon! Now this gentle philosophy can be enjoyed by science fiction's most famous alien warrior race. Translated by 'ISqu'.

Parallel translations in Klingon and English of the work commonly known as Sun Tzu's Art of War, complete with copious notes on translation issues from not only Klingon and English, but also differences in Chinese renderings over the past 2500 years. Translated by 'ISqu'.

'aS 'IDnar pIn'a' Dun (The Wonderful Wizard Oz)

'aS 'IDnar pIn'a' Dun, a translation of L. Frank's Baum's beloved children's novel The Wonderful Wizard Oz, by DeSDu'.

chIjwI' tIQ bom (The Rime of The Ancient Mariner)

chIjwI' tIQ bom is a translation of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's The Rime of The Ancient Mariner, complete with the original illustrations by Gustave Doré, by QeS.

cha' monmey

An original Klingon novel, by DeSDu'.

Victorious in battle, General Ulesh returns home ahorse to find his desert land in misrule. He is soon caught between two power-hungry princes seeking to capitalize on his military prowess as well as his honorable name.

Ulesh's greatest possession, his integrity, is tested when he must choose between what he believes to be right and absolute fealty to the throne. Even the fog of war cannot compare to the thick mists of conspiracy, treachery, and daggers…

Electronic Only Books

The following short stories are part of our Worlds of Translation project and are currently only available as ebooks.