Submissions to Qo'noS QonoS

Submissions to Qo'noS QonoS are encouraged and may be sent to the Editor for consideration. Submissions should be in Rich Text (rtf) or DocX formats, or as unformatted ASCII text files. Submissions by email ([email protected]) are acceptable, although using the form below is preferred. Email submissions should include all the form information. For formatting and handling non-Klingon words, the editor recommends following the Worlds of Translation style guide.

The editor reserves the right to edit submissions for purposes of formatting or to correct spelling mistakes and obvious grammar errors (mis-ordered suffixes, mismatched prefixes, etc). The editor may contact you in the case of more complex issues or to confirm any changes. Submissions may be held for a time before being included in an issue. 

Submissions of artwork are also welcome, and interested artists can use the form below as well. Artwork should be supplied in JPEG, PNG, or Bitmap formats.  

All submissions become the property of the KLI. All submissions should be in the Klingon language.

Keep in mind these DOs and DON'Ts:

  • DON'T submit artwork or articles that are not exclusively your own.
  • DON'T submit artwork or articles that have appeared or are scheduled to appear in another publication, be it fanzine or professional magazine.
  • DO format your article the way you would like it to appear. 
  • DO send high-resolution images.

Qo'noS QonoS Submission Form