Guidelines for Submission of Artwork to the Klingon Language Institute

The KLI welcomes the generous contributions of artists to add a bit of color to the pages of its quarterly journal. It is difficult to express how appreciative we are for the assistance we receive from so many talented amateurs and professionals who freely send in their work to grace our journal. The information below is intended to simplify this process, not complicate it. While all these rules may seem a bit constraining at first, it is our hope that you will see them for what they are intended to be, a means to lessen confusion and frustration, and allow us to proceed toward our common goals.

At present, we are running a series of portraits on the covers of each issue of HolQeD, the quarterly journal of the KLI. Please keep in mind that HolQeD is not a fanzine or a newsletter, but an academic journal, and illustrations should reflect this general tone. On the other hand, we don't want to be too pompous or stuffy either.

Although the finished size is smaller than a 5.5" x 8.5", your originals may be larger. Our typical procedure is to use a flatbed scanner to digitize the original artwork, reduce the computerized image to a scale that suits our needs, and crop as necessary. Other editing and modifying techniques may be used as well.

In addition to portraits, as the size of the membership continues to expand, making possible larger issues, we are hoping to include non-portrait art, as well as language-oriented cartoons. Feel free to submit such artwork, but with the understanding it may be a while before it sees print.

Keep in mind the following DOs and DON'Ts:

  • DON'T send your originals.
  • DON'T submit artwork of space vessels. The focus of HolQeD is Klingon language and culture, not engineering.
  • DON'T submit artwork that is not exclusively your own.
  • DON'T submit artwork that has appeared or is scheduled to appear in another publication, be it fanzine or professional magazine.
  • DO submit a quality photo-copy of your original.
  • DO include a cover letter containing your name and address, as well as a title for each piece of art.

If your artwork is accepted for use in HolQeD, we will send you a letter requesting you mail us the original artwork. At that time we will also mail you a basic agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to make clear both your ownership of the artwork and the KLI's permission to reproduce and modify it. Again, we tremendously appreciate the support of our artists, and want to ensure they retain appropriate rights to their creations.