KLI Projects

The diversity of the Klingon Language Institute is nowhere as apparent as in its sponsored projects. You are invited to take an active role in the Klingon movement and lend your participation to any of the efforts described here:

Extended Corpus Project

Acknowledging the presence of things Klingon prior to Dr. Okrand’s creation of the language, the ECP is an effort to compile a comprehensive glossary of all Klingon names, terms, and phrases from the multitude of canonical fiction published. It is currently coordinated by Felix Malmenbeck.

Klingon Writing Project

After completing the online course many members decide to practice their skills with original compositions. For those intent on creating original epics in the warrior’s tongue, willing to share their stories and songs, the KWP is there. Send in your submissions of poetry and prose to:

Klingon Writing Project
P.O. Box 794
Blue Bell, PA 19422 USA

Klingon Bible Translation Project

The KBTP’s has assumed the immense task of translating the books of the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, into Klingon. Obviously the KLI’s goals do not include missionary work, but this is a project worthy of our efforts for purely secular reasons. It is current coordinated by Michael Roney Jr.

Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project

Taking its cue from Star Trek VI, the KSRP has as its goal the restoration of the complete works of Shakespeare to the “original Klingon.” One of the KLI’s proudest accomplishments was the publication of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (The Restored Klingon Version) in March 1996, with a paperback version from Pocket Books in 2000. We hope to publish translations of Much Ado About Nothing and Macbeth in the future; these translations are already in progress. This project is currently coordinated by Christopher Kidder-Mostrom.

Klingon E-mail Discussion Group

For up-to-the-minute contact with the Klingon community, nothing beats the Klingon-language email group. It’s a large group with most of the top-flight Klingon-speakers as regular posters, as well as speakers of all levels, all the way down to rank beginners. To subscribe, send an email message to tlhIngan-Hol-subscribe@kli.org. You can also sign up from the web. The archives of this mailing list, right up to the most current messages, are available via the Web right here! Take a look.

Qo’noS QonoS

Qo’noS QonoS, literally “The Kronos Journal”, is an online newsletter where members of the Klingon-speaking community can voice their opinions and tell of their conquests, all in tlhIngan Hol. A total of 28 editions have been posted from 2000 until today, and are available to read via the web.

Learn Klingon Online

Learn Klingon Online is a series of online courses created by Robyn Stewart for the KLI. The courses are available for any member of KLI and currently covers the first level of the Klingon Language Certification Program. More information and answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the KLI Wiki.

Worlds of Translation

Originally conceived as a one-shot anthology, this project has been reborn to reflect current trends in technology and publishing, and features Klingon translations of award winning science fiction shorts. New stories are made available to members three times each year. The project is currently coordinated by Elizabeth Lawrence.

Klingon Educational Virtual Environment

The Klingon Educational Virtual Environment is a MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) where Klingonists of all levels, and those just interested, can meet and talk in real-time online. You can access the MUSH via the web client, or you can access it via telent, or your favorite MU* client, at www.kli.org and port 4201.