qepmey - Meetings

Klingon Gatherings

The Klingon speaking community is spread throughout the world and, not surprisingly, much of its communication occurs via the Internet. That's usually limited to typed exchanges and language, Klingon or otherwise, is meant to be spoken. The KLI encourages speakers to come together both in their own locales through means of our qepHom project and for an annual mass gathering at the qep'a', our annual conference.

qep'a' - The KLI Annual Conference

Every year KLI members from all over the globe gather for the qep'a', our official conference. The focus is of course on Klingon. We use the language at the qep'a'. We play with it. We revel in it. We speak it. Programming includes instruction, games, feedback, certification testing, the presentation of awards, singing, story telling, and much general socializing.