Worlds of Translation

One of the things the Klingon language community lacks is text. Specifically, a body of work that would allow beginning and intermediate students of the language to read. Text that would encourage practice, and could result in improved comprehension. Ideally, such materials would be long enough to be challenging, while of sufficient brevity to keep the task from becoming overwhelming. And it wouldn't be a bad thing if the text were compelling in and of itself; something which could keep the reader's interest.

The solution would seem to be found in the form of well-written short stories. Brilliant stories. Award-winning stories, by some of the world's best authors, written in flowing tlhIngan Hol prose would nicely fit the bill. Unfortunately, and perhaps unbelievably, these authors, the best of the best, don't write in Klingon.

Clearly we need to take this a bit further, but that's not a problem. If we could just get these authors to let us work with their words, the KLI has the talent to handle the translation. As it turns out, all we had to do was ask.

Right now, more than a dozen of the best science fiction writers in the world, have agreed to allow the KLI to translate their Hugo and Nebula award-winning short stories into Klingon. This new project, entitled Worlds of Translation, is scheduled to release a number of ebooks in the future.

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