Klingon in Your Area

The most common complaint among Klingon speakers is that they have no one to talk with. The solution is to promote area meetings (qepHommey) on a regular basis, whether these be weekly, monthly, or to commemorate major Klingon holidays. The following list details the current selection of scheduled qepHommey. If you don't see one in your area then perhaps it's time for you to host one yourself! Alan Anderson, the qepHom coordinator, is standing by, ready to assist you with organizing and publicizing your very own qepHom.

The individuals listed below have all graciously offered to host qepHommey, small informal gatherings, to allow Klingon speakers in their area to come together, meet, and share in their common interest in the warrior's tongue. If there's a qepHom in your area contact the host for information concerning duration, location, and directions.

How often these local meetings will occur will be left up to each individual group. Some will doubtless exist in tandem with regional fan organizations, some with community classes on Klingon, and some completely independent of other groups. It's our hope that these qepHommey will serve to energize Klingon study and proficiency at a local level, and that each will have at least one representative in attendance at the annual qep'a'.

If you'd like to lend your assistance to the host of your area's qepHom by all means contact him or her at once. If the list below doesn't include a meeting in your area, and you're willing to host one, send email to [email protected] and include the word "qepHom" in the subject. If you are hosting or helping with aqepHom, you might find advertising is made easier by using our PDF qepHom flyer.