History of the KLI

The original Klingon Language Institute was founded in 1992 with the mission of bringing together individuals interested in the study of Klingon linguistics and culture, and providing a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas.

In 2022, exactly 30 years later, the Klingon Language Institute was reborn as a new non-profit organization with the same mission as the original.

Our membership is diverse, including Star Trek fans with curiosity and questions about Klingon language, RP gamers wishing to lend some authenticity to a Klingon character, as well as students and professionals in the fields of linguistics, philology, computer science, and psychology who see the Klingon language as a useful metaphor in the classroom or simply wish to mix vocation with avocation. Though based in the USA, the Institute is actually an international endeavor, presently reaching thirty countries, and all seven continents.

The Klingon language is something truly unique. While there have been other artificial languages, and other languages crafted for fictional beings, Klingon is one of the rare times when a trained linguist has been called upon to create a language for aliens. Add to this over fifty years of the Star Trek phenomenon, a mythos that has permeated popular culture and spread around the globe. These factors begin to explain the popularity of the warriors' tongue.

The original vehicle of the Klingon Language Institute was HolQeD, our quarterly journal. Each issue included artwork, feature articles, and regular columns discussing Klingon linguistics, language, and culture. In addition, members' letters examining, commenting, and debating ideas and arguments raised in previous issues also appear, supporting an atmosphere of mutual respect and open discussion. More than simply a newsletter, HolQeD was an academic journal utilizing blind peer review, registered with the Library of Congress, and catalogued by the Modern Language Association.

In today's digital world, the Klingon Language Institute no longer publishes a quarterly journal, instead we use digital tools to share information online and hold the same conversations and discussions in real time. We explore the Klingon language and culture through audio and video conferences, allowing speakers from all over the globe to connect and share in our exploration of the language. We are helping to expand the language, both through the addition of new words and expanded grammar, all of which is made available to everyone for free through our website. We are also publishing more translations and original stories than we have ever before.

We also work with other organizations to help them make sure the Klingon they use in their productions and products is as correct as it can be, and our members have directly supported recent Star Trek television shows.Whether you're a rank beginner or completely fluent, whether you've never studied another language or can read and write more than a dozen, if you have an interest in the Klingon language I invite you to join us in our exploration of the galaxy's fastest growing language.

The Klingon Language Institute is a nonprofit corporation and exists to facilitate the scholarly exploration and use of the Klingon language and culture. Klingon, Star Trek, and all related marks are Copyrights and Trademarks of CBS/Paramount Pictures. All Rights Reserved. Klingon Language Institute Authorized User.