Join the Klingon Language Institute

Joining the KLI is simple; it is open to all individuals interested in the study of the Klingon language.

Members get access to a number of special features including:

  • Complete access to the KLI website social features
  • Several back issues of HolQeD
  • KLI pIqaD fonts
  • Learn Klingon Online – KLCP 1 Level Course
  • KLCP Testing – This is held at the qep'a' and periodically online on the KLI Discord
  • Upgraded permissions on the KLI Discord
  • Volunteer opportunities – The KLI is operated by unpaid member volunteers

Guest membership is free, while full membership costs $10 per year, with discounts available if you sign up for multiple years. Guest members do not get access to all the features listed above. 

To join, simply head over to our registration page and sign up.