Learn Klingon Online – Level 1 taghwI' (Beginner)


Access to the course, and personal assistance from experienced speakers, is free with your Klingon Language Institute membership. Non-members can take the first few lessons by signing up for a guest membership.  While there is nothing wrong with pointing and grunting, especially in Klingon society, the ability to use sentences is a weapon you deserve to have sharp and ready. Be bold and relentless.

If you are already a member of the KLI, login to access the course.

To sign up for either type of membership, go to the registration page.

If you want to assess your ability to see if this course is for you, click here to view the first chapter of the final story.  If you can understand it easily without reference to the dictionary, you probably want to wait for a more advanced course to be released, tentatively May 2016. In the meantime, Klingon Language Institute members can provide you with more stories, Terran works in translation, and conversations with people who speak and study Klingon.

If you are not yet ready to learn the warrior's tongue, you can learn a few simple phrases here.