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Word: Parent (gender-neutral term)



We can say puq to refer to a child regardless of gender, but no analog exists for parent.

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4 thoughts on “Parent (gender-neutral term)

  1. De'vID says:

    This isn’t just qup?

    chay’ ‘etlh DoQ nuch / QongtaHbogh qup ‘etlh nIH “How does a coward claim a sword? By taking it from his sleeping father.”


    • Daniel Dadap says:

      I don’t get the feeling that qup means parent to the exclusion of other elders. I wouldn’t expect a quprIp to be composed only of parents – and then of whose parents?

    • Daniel Dadap says:

      On further reflection, it actually seems very likely that qup actually means “parent”, but generalizes to “elder” much in the same way that when I talk about a puq, I could be talking about a child without meaning for it to be antbody’s child in particular. qup being puq backwards just seems like too much of a coincidence. qup’a’ also seems to suggest something parental, and not merely “elder”ly, about qup.


      It would be nice to have “parent” specifically confirmed as a possible meaning of qup.

      • anDu says:

        >>It would be nice to have “parent” specifically confirmed as a possible meaning of qup.


        Definitely. If an English word isn’t canonically listed as a possible translation of the Klingon term, and it isn’t a simple synonym (like “bucket” and “pail” or “shy” and “diffident”) either, there’s always some doubt as to whether this is really the way Klingons would say it.

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