Word: turn



An opportunity or obligation to do something which is passed between a number of people. "On the player's turn, he takes one card." "It's your turn to wash the dishes."

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      1. vangnISmeH poH? (when playing a game etc)
        DaH qaS bIvangnISmeH poH.
        It's your turn [lit. The time for you to need to act happens now.]

        turnISmeH poH? (when carrying out chores/duties)

        1. It may be that Klingons have no single unified word for what English means by the above sense of "turn". It may also be that Klingons would use a verb where English would use a noun whenever the concept of "taking one's turn" is expressed. I'd still like to hear what Maltz has to say, if only because so many people are translating board games and card games that it would be good to have a consistent vocabulary (even if it doesn't come in the form of a new noun).

          Considering that Klingon Monopoly exists, it's kind of surprising this hadn't come up.

          1. I'd like that one, too. Should Okrand decline to pronounce on it this time, maybe {'eb} would work for now.

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