moment, instant

very short period of time. "a critical moment", "She paused for only an instant".


Pictures/photos/images having only one color, or black and white. Antonym of qalmuS.


The main planet in the Bajoran star system, inhabited by the Bajorans. Pronounced varyingly as "BAY-jore" and as "be-ZHORE" in DS9.


The microorganism yeast. There is {lerup} for bacteria and {javtIm} for virus, but yeast is neither.


She could clearly see his aura while noone else could.

freight, load, cargo, pack

The freighter is carrying a cargo of weapons for the Klingon Empire. (We have tongDuj = freighter, i.e. the ship itself)

pavilion, gazebo

shelter or building constructed in a park, garden, or other picturesque outdoor space, offering an open view of the surrounding area


long-term commitment or occupation, usually within a single profession, undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress