The third element on the periodic table, a soft reactive metal in its pure form. Used by 21st century humans for rechargeable batteries and psychiatric…

electromagnetism, electromagnetic force

One of the four fundamental forces; responsible for electricity, magnets, and electromagnetic radiation AKA light. "photons are a manifestation of the electromagnetic force."


a macronutrient essential to nutrition, the building block of organic matter, and a dietary component humans often discuss


Humans need vitamins ie. molecules that are obtained through digesting food or supplements. They suffer from deficiencies if their diet is one sided. Do Klingons…

vine, vine-like plant

A type of plant characterized by long flexible stems which do not support themselves. They can grow horizontally along the ground and/or climb available plants…


The density is the mass divided by the volume of an object. The density is a few particles per cubic centimeter.

Baryons / Baryonic

The baryonic matter of the Universe is everything we can see and measure.

Shock / Shock front / Bow shock

eg. Bow shock in front of a boat; The galaxy cluster merger released energy in the form of shocks and turbulence throughout the intracluster medium.

Intracluster Medium

The Intracluster Medium is the very hot (several millions of degrees), low-density, diffuse plasma (gas) in between galaxies inside a galaxy cluster.