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General Noun


religious attribution of souls or spirits to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena – "Traditional animism remains popular among certain populations of the planet."


In seems odd for a martial culture that glorifies death in battle not to have a specific word for a warrior who nobly sacrifices themself. The word for sacrifice, 'anmoH, which might be used for this purpose, seems freighted with negative connotations ("to waste")..


the act of transitioning between a supine position, with knees bent up and feet optionally anchored, to a sitting position, especiallly as done repeatedly as a form of physical conditioning. If it's not a noun, is there a means of clarifying that {qaStaHvIS wa' tup loSmaH vaghlogh ba'nISchoH mang} means that the soldier mmust perform forty-five sit-ups and not get in and out of her quS forty-five times? What has Maltz done to keep himself in shape during his long confinement, and what terminology does he have for these exercises?

pull up

a body movement where a humanoid grips something overhead, with the backs of their hands facing them, then raises their body through muscular effort until their head above their hands. It may be done repeatedly as physical training, or once in order to e.g. climb over a wall. The equivalent movement with the palms facing the warrior is called a chin up, and if Klingons distinguish between the two I would be interested in that terminology. I don't know if it's a noun {Soch XXXmey neH vIta'laH} or a verb {tlhoy' vItoSmeH jIXXX} or perhaps the wall is the object and {tlhoy' vIXXX 'e' vInID}. I am interested in any bodyweight exercises Klingons name, and also interested if Maltz says he's familiar with the exercise but there's no name for it, so it's just {tlhoy'Daq pep'egh, DeSDu' lo'taHvIS}.


prolonged military assault or blockade of a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by force or attrition

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