eg. The infalling system eventually merged with the other. The infalling particle to the blackhole.


an adverbial indicating that something has occurred previously (as in "Are you here again?")

for example, eg.

A word or idiom to use when giving examples. "Being the leader of the Empire is dangerous. Gorkon, for example, was assassinated."


Since tlhoy is an adverbial meaning "overly, to an excessive degree, excessively, too much," does tlhoyHa' work for something like "insufficiently, inadequately, too little"? Wish…


Since loQ is an adverbial for "slightly, a little bit," does loQHa' work for something like "largely, mostly, considerably, a lot?" Wish list Editor: While…


To be performed by a machine without needed interaction of a person. Could also be a verb


marks situations involving 1) failure caused by efforts towards success; or 2) success achieved by means which would normally lead to failure


Is the only way to say this to imply it with -taH or is there a specific adverb for it?


Is wejHa' a good way to say it? Can it only be implied by use of the perfective suffixes? Is there another more specific adverb?