Word: automatically



To be performed by a machine without needed interaction of a person. Could also be a verb

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  1. Some strategies I use:
    jIHvaD DoS 'uchchoH beH . – the rifle automatically locks onto the target
    Hevlu'DI' paq chu' SIbI' buv jan – the device catalogues new books automatically.
    DujvamvaD lIS'egh Do – this vehicle adjusts its speed automatically
    jIQubbe'taHvIS juHwIjDaq jISeD. – I automatically drive to my home. (SorHa')
    nIteb ngop Say'moH jan – the device automatically washes the dishes

    automatic (adj.)
    "self-acting, moving or acting on its own," 1812 (automatical is from 1580s; automatous from 1640s), from Greek automatos of persons "acting of one's own will;" of things "self-moving, self-acting," used of the gates of Olympus and the tripods of Hephaestus (also "without apparent cause, by accident"), from autos "self" (see auto-) + matos "thinking, animated" (from PIE root *men- (1) "to think").

    1. You could probably break down this concept into automatic or reflexive actions people or other living things perform, and mechanical automation. The latter concept would be helpful to describe so-called 'smart' devices like smartphones.

      {jIHvaD} just encodes that the speaker benefits from the situation.
      {SIbI'} just means it happens relatively quickly.
      Using {lIS'egh} with a device's ability is probably the closest equivalent we have to mechanical automation, but gets hairy in certain cases. I would accept something like {lIS'egh patmey law' 'e' chaw' SeHbogh muD Duj De'wI'mey} to mean "The aircraft's (onboard) control computers allow many of its systems to adjust themselves." But my guess is that Klingons probably have a more concise way of talking about mechanical automation.
      {Qubbe'} reads like the subject is not thinking at all, which is not the intended meaning.
      {nIteb} contrasts with {nItebHa'} "together", and could refer to a single loom or butter churn as accurately as any other device.