Word: infalling


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


eg. The infalling system eventually merged with the other. The infalling particle to the blackhole.

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    1. Those could definitely work. Some others:
      {pay'an 'uch luSpet tlham} "The black hole's gravity grasps the particle."
      {pay'an luHtaH luSpet tlham} "The black hole's gravity draws the particle in."

  1. I was thinking in the context of galaxy (or galaxy cluster) mergers, like, an infalling smaller system or local group towards the central dark matter halo of a larger system. On these large scales, the systems aren't so much orbiting each other but more colliding with each other. As for particles falling into a BH, I guess it would be nice to have words for accretion, accretion disks, torus, event horizon, etc. as well. Once I have more words in my allowance I'll propose them.