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Word: many times, time and time again



repeatedly but speaker don't know the number of times. New word, or I would like to know if I can say *law'logh* or can not, want Okrand's decision.

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9 thoughts on “many times, time and time again

  1. De'vID says:

    Since law’ is a verb, no known grammar would allow law’logh. If anything, it would probably be ‘oplogh, since ‘op is between pagh and Hoch and we have the precedent of ‘opleS already.

    • chaDQI says:

      I think so. But {‘arlogh} should be odd, too. Perhaps Maltz knows another word for “many times”, or Klingons don’t say so…

      • Andrew Miller says:

        law’logh is illegal under the current understanding. Since we know that Hochlogh is legal then ‘arlogh should be fine, and ‘oplogh should mean an indefinite number of times, not many times. I have argued in the past that ‘op’a’logh should mean many times since theoretically it should mean a great number of times, but it would be good to get an official answer on this.

        • De'vID says:

          We know that ‘arlogh is legal because it appears in canon: ‘arlogh Qoylu’pu’? is the common way of asking for the time.

        • Rhona Fenwick says:

          Hochlogh and paghlogh are specifically noted in KGT as being slang based on intentional breaking of grammatical rules, aren’t they? I generally wouldn’t accept them in a Klingon text of any real formality.

  2. Rhona Fenwick says:

    Wouldn’t anything that doesn’t require a specific quantity be able to be dealt with by using pIj often?

    • chaDQI says:

      I want to say “I saw that movie many times”, “I tried that many times but…”.
      I want to know new words or Klingon expressions. If they use pIj in that sense, accept it.

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