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July 25-27, 2024: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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qep'a' Schedule

As always, this schedule is subject to change due to technical, personal, or other reasons. These times are never approximate, but they may sometimes be inaccurate. The tag [P] means the session is a physical "In Person" event, and the specific location is in the event's details. The tag [D] is for sessions on Discord, either streamed from the live event at the hotel or hosted only online.

The Discord rooms will be open regardless of what presentations are officially scheduled.

The times listed here are displayed in US EDT (UTC-4), the web site's default time zone, unless your browser is configured to convert to your time.

Thursday July 25 loghjaj

There is no Event

Friday July 26 buqjaj

There is no Event

Saturday July 27 ghInjaj

There is no Event