Word: worry (about something)



To think, often obsessively and with unease, about an event or status that is often outside of our control. What a rejmorgh does. "He worried about the harvest", "She worries too much", "They believe meditation can stop him from worrying too much"

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  1. If one worries habitually, then one is a worrywart about something vay' bopbogh rejmorgh'e':

    You are too worried [lit. you are an excessive worrywart] about your health [lit. about your becoming unhealthy].
    bIpIvbe'choH 'e' bopbogh rejmorgh 'Iq'e' SoH.

    If the worrying is temporally restricted or produced by a certain situation, you can say that some possibility bothers/distresses/scares/makes someone nervous/uneasy vay' nuQ/SotmoH/ghIj/bItmoH/jotHa'moH DuH:

    Since her mission failed she is worried about being court-martialed.
    [lit. Because her mission failed and because she might be court-martialed, that possibility makes her nervous]

    lujpu'mo' QapDaj 'ej chaq ghaH ghIpDIjlu'mo', ghaH bItmoH DuHvetlh.

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