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remove or alter sensitive or objectionable content, often for political reasons – "The Viceroy censored all holonovels in which he appeared as a character."

push up

Perform a bodyweight exercise, where the hands are placed under or in a lateral line with the shoulders, the legs extended and the spine kept straight while the body is raised by muscular effort. If Klingons don't do this, then I don't expect a word for it. It may be a verb: {wejmaHlogh peXXX!} or perhaps it is a noun {wejmaH XXX tIta'!}. I am interested in the individual exercises performed, {mI'DI' tlhIngan}.


This might be the transitive thing that an athlete does to muscles, or that a chef does to pizza dough; or it might be the intransitive thing that the muscle or dough does in response to being ????moHed. e.g. {qeqchoHpa' pIqcho', SomrawDu'Daj ????} or {qeqchoHpa' pIqcho' ????} – whichever way the verb works.


hit a hard or flat surface and deform into an irregular shape, or produce a sound similar to such a collision

be iridescent

describes surfaces that appear to gradually change color as the angle of view or illumination changes, e.g. soap bubbles or opals

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