be paranoid

Exhibit excessive fear, suspicion, or distrust

react [chemically]

To act upon each other to exercise a reciprocal effect as two or more chemical agents.


To implant so as to form an organic union.

be sacrosanct

to possess near-immeasurable intrinsic value; to be deemed unchangeable and beyond criticism; to be inviolate. This concept frequently but not always carries a religious or…

compensate, make up for (v)

"Her great ideas compensate for her lack of stamina." "The durability of this weapon makes up for its poor accuracy." "The Federation compensated the farmers…


An item possessed by a family, or other group, that is passed down through the generations of that group. This could be a noun, as…


propel (something) with force through the air by a movement of the arm and hand

be steep

A sharpness in the slope of an object or pathway. It could also apply to a course through water, air, or space. Examples: "The rocks…

be cracked

be broken without separation of parts; be fractured but not into pieces. Many materials can be cracked without being broken: glass, ceramic, crystal, hard plastic,…