be radioactive

To emit ionizing radiation that can destroy organic cells or alter DNA; a property of many elements.

be busy, be occupied

To be doing something and having no capacity for dealing with other things at a given moment (not necessarily because of work).


To analyze commonalities and differences between two or more objects, people or ideas.

to be unique, the only one

This means "only" in the sense of a sole member of a class (e.g. "the only cadet"), as opposed to the word {neH} (e.g. "only…


The officer rotates the flat metal plate 45 degrees to the left. (I think jIrmoH does not work for this concept.)


The colors of the petals fade at the same time the sun's light fades from the sky.


The flower withers due to drought.


The farmer uproots the cabbages. i.e. to pull something out. I do not like QIq for this.

"to experience bloodlust"

Not so useful IRL, perhaps, but very important in Klingon contexts. It doesn't appear as if there is a standalone word for the excitement and…


to rub against (or with) something, perhaps to remove or spread a substance. "In order to remove his blood, I wiped my blade on his…