cuddle, snuggle

Hold close in one's arms as a way of showing love or affection. This is non-sexual activity (though it often happen in conjunction with sex).…

be flirty (to flirt)

I'm looking for a way to express flirtyness or sexual/romantic playfullness. I wanted to say «Are you flirting with me?» I wound up saying {loQ…

signify / mean

For use is phrases such as: "What does that mean?", "What does this word mean?", "Does that mean that the sky is blue?", "This symbol…

be abstract / be concrete

Expressing the difference between abstract and concrete. E.g. how do I describe an idea as abstract (e.g. philosophical concepts) as opposed concrete (e.g. building instructions).

be addicted

to be physically and/or mentally dependent on a certain substance and/or stimulus, e.g. alcohol, drugs, smoking; different from being "dependent on medicine" that keeps one's…

ready, prepared for use

The brew is ready to be drunk at the wedding ceremony. It has been prepared for use. (stative verb/adjective)

fragile / delicate

This stick is so fragile that even a Ferengi child can snap it in two. (stative verb)


He twisted a rope around the handle of his sword, entwining it to give it a better grip.


operate a pedal attached to a wheel in a continuous circular motion