Word: Wince, Cringe, Flinch



Reflexively recoil or shrink away

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  1. If that refers to what people do – Klingons don't do that. 😉
    This might work using lun swell –> lunHa' swell back, or simply by saying nom machchoH. Get small quickly.

    1. I am extremely dubious, but for the sake of argument let's assume you're right that this isn't something Klingons ever do. Their pets almost certainly do it, and so would any other domesticated or wild animals they would encounter. So they would have a word for it.

      lunHa' to me means something more like return to normal size. And a flinching face isn't usually a face that gets smaller. To shrink here isn't literally to get smaller.

      Furthermore, wincing and cringing also express emotional reactions. I'm not sure how a warrior culture could justify Klingons never exhibiting these reactions.

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