Word: vitamin/deficiency



Humans need vitamins ie. molecules that are obtained through digesting food or supplements. They suffer from deficiencies if their diet is one sided. Do Klingons have these things in general and what would they call them? "Potato is a good source of vitamin C", "Due to deficiency of vitamin C the human caught the scurvy"

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  1. The "deficiency" part can be done with Hutlh, lack/be without. If we had a word for vitamin we could just say: *vitamin C Hutlhmo' yaS, ropchoH 'ej *scurvy SIQBecause the officer lacked vitamin C, she became sick and experienced scurvy.

    Can I edit this request so it's just for the word for "vitamin"?

    1. I support this move.

      I also support this word. Theoretically we could use a word for 'vitamin' to talk about food being 'nutritious' and 'nourishing' in general, instead of just relying on {pIvmoH} "make healthy".

  2. The body needs six things: protein (maHvaD), fat (tlhagh), water (bIQ), minerals (tlhIl), vitamins & carbohydrates. I strongly support this word, and am off to add or support carbohydrates, too.