Word: magic trick/technique/artform



A noun for an individual performance act a {mIn yuqwI'} does that are often referred to by the slang term "trick". The non-fantasy version of what {'IDnar} is:

"I have a new magic technique to show you!", "I learned a new trick last week", "How many tricks do you know?", "Did you see Dave's new magic technique? I still haven't figured out his last trick!

This would be like the word {tonSaw'} but instead of for martial arts, it would be for magic performances. It has nothing to do with deceiving, but instead names an artform.

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    1. To me that's way too generic. mIn tojmeH Ho'DoS could be any number of things, from slight of hand magic tricks in general to a holographic system in a theme park ride. It could even cover CGI in a movie. I'm specifically wanting a way to talk about just what a mIn yuqwI' would do, learn, teach, and sell to others in a discrete package (disappearing coin trick, multiplying rabbits trick, saw-a-person-in-half trick, etc).

      1. I'd rather have a term that covers the English meaning more broadly, eg. a trick for catching Romulan spiesa trick to cut onions without crying, etc. Of course it could also be applied to the art of stage magic.

        1. Those are different kinds of tricks. I'd rather have specific terms for a "deceptive practice" and a "cutting technique" than using the generic word "trick". A "trick" is also what hookers do, which is part of why I want a non-generic word (in the magic business, we say "Tricks are for hookers, Magicians do magic"). The Klingon word for "magic'IDnar refers to the things wizards and witches do in fantasy stories, and not sleight of hand. Maybe I should re-define the suggestion to "sleight of hand technique" to be more precise.

  1. This sounds like "ruse" or "subterfuge". Is this different from the verb {toj}, perhaps {tojbogh to'}

    1. Yes. Don't look at the English word, but what it represents. This is a type of {much} that has nothing to do with {toj}.

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