Word: throw


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propel (something) with force through the air by a movement of the arm and hand

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  1. Up until now I have used the word vo' (propel), but the increasing specificity of new words has made me wonder if this is correct.

    jIHvaD Dochvetlh yIvo' for "throw me that" makes it vague what means of propulsion might be used,
    yergho DungDaq qajmeH Senjorgh, 'oH vo'meH DeS ghop je lo' mang for "a soldier threw a grenade over the city wall" seems unnecessarily complex.

    Does one chuH long things other than spears, or chuH other throwable weapons?
    If there is a barrage of words for throwing different categories/shapes of projectiles, I will be a brave warrior and learn them all.

    Other related:
    jaD (hurl about), jaDchu' (juggle), ronmoH (throw (dice)), and woD (throw away), but there are lots of other throwing contexts.

    1. The paq'batlh uses {vo'} for this:

      {QIStaq qul bIQtIqHomDaq / 'etlhDaj vo' nuch}
      "The coward threw his sword / Into the fire streams of Kri'stak."

      So {vo'} works for me.

  2. Good find. vaj Senjorghmey vIvo' 'ej muD Duj luvo' je lunglIHmey. jIyon.

    Is there a means to withdraw a suggestion? Or I suppose just let it get voted down and leave it as a warning to others.

    yIQulchu' bIchuppa'!