Word: Throgni



plant from Kronos with a stimulating fragrance (TNG: Angel One)

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  1. I seem to remember someone (qurgh ?) relaying this on the KLI list while reporting on a qep'a' or qepHom a few years back. I Believe it was rendered as {tlhoghnay'}. Someone correct me if I'm wrong…

    1. Only tlheng'IQ "thranx" has been canonised; the throgni remains without a sure Okrandian rendition. Voragh apparently has it in his notes as *tlhoghnI', but I think that might be a hypothesis rather than based firmly upon anything explicit. This is what he had to say in an email a-way back in 2010:
      *{tlhoghnI'} – throgni[: ] Night-blooming Throgni is a fragrant Klingon flower. "Worf found the smell of a Quazulu VIII virus similar to the Throgni." ("Star Trek Encyclopedia", p.219; cf. TNG "Angel One"]) Worf didn't say that Throgni had romantic overtones (like the Earth rose), but I thought he had a wistful expression on his face during the scene. Note that it seems to contain the morphemes {tlhogh} "marriage" and {nI'} "be long/lengthy in duration".

      Though given your rendition, I wonder now if it might in fact be ??tlhoghnay, with two words for "to marry" (in the same way as the beverage chechtlhutlh appears to be composed of the verbs chech "to be drunk" and tlhutlh "to drink").

      So confirmation of whether it's tlhoghnI', tlhoghnay, tlhoghnay', or something else entirely would be very much welcomed! 🙂

  2. Now that you say that, I 'm beginning to think tlheng'IQ is what  I was remembering, after all. HIvqa' veqlargh! Here's hopin' we get Throgni!

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