Word: thingamajig



nonsense word to refer to a thing you can't remember the name of; a watchamacallit or a whozywhatsit

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  1. Hopefully we'll be able to pluralize it with -pu' as well, to mean what's-their-names.

  2. Isn't this just Doch? That's the word I use in Klingon when I can't remember the name of something.

    Maybe use Dochoy if you want to be cute about it.

    1. I like the idea of using vay'oy in a more general way, but -oy indicates not just cuteness but endearment: someone-chan

      On reflection a thingamajig is sortof like a gizmo, a piece of technology whose workings or purpose are opaque.

  3. I read a story on Twitter once, that someone had believed for years that a certain word in their mother's first language meant "remote control", because she always used it to request the remote control, until it came to light that it was just that language's equivalent of "thingamajig".

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