Word: tears


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


Eye fluid from crying / irritation

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  1. Why are so many people downvoting this? Klingon doesn't already have a word for this, and it's a common word (especially in poetry and song lyrics). Are the Klingons physically incapable of crying or something?

    1. As a matter of fact they are. In Star Trek VI Scotty remarks that Azetbur does not shed a tear for her assassinated father, to which Spock replies that it is no wonder, because Klingons lack tear ducts.

      But even if we had not received this information nor the clarification pointed out by Jack, a number of us feel that if a concept can be described relatively conveniently in atomic terms by existing vocabulary, (e.g. mIn bIQ, etc.) then a new Klingon word is not needed, and other more atomic concepts should be prioritized.