Word: superstition



widely held but unjustified belief in supernatural causation

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  1. I doubt Klingons are superstitious… But to express tha idea, I might make a phrase like "believe in fake things" or so. wIch Har believe in myth, boqHar Har believe in miracles (assuming that Har can take such an object; otherwise say teH wIch 'e' Har Believe that the myth is true).

    1. Klingons as a group are certainly willing to give enough credence to the idea that a long-deceased culture hero can come back from the dead, enough so that it affects the politics of the empire at the highest levels (TNG: Rightful Heir), so I would bet that at least a critical mass of the population of the empire is credulous enough to believe in supernatural causation of some sort.

      Prototypically a wIch myth is a kind of lut story. What's missing from wIch here is the non-narrative ritualistic aspect of magical thinking. "Don't put shoes on a table." "Don't stay on the thirteenth floor of a hotel." "Avoid the evil eye." "Throw salt over your shoulder to defuse a curse." etc.

      I think it's extremely odd to assume that it would even be possible that Har couldn't take an object.

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