Word: still, anymore (or negation of "no longer", "not anymore")


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Up to this time. "Do you still have that old car?" "I can't remember anymore." "It's no longer important." To emphasize whether something that was happening has ended, as {wej} emphasizes that it has not already happened.

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  1. "Still" is -taH.

    maHemtaH 'e' wIHech
    We intend to go on being proud.

    puH Dujvetlh ngo' DaghajtaH'a'?
    Do you still have that old car?

    "Anymore" is -be'choHpu', net mev et al:

    I have begun to not remember.

    jIqawlaH net mev.
    ~My ability to remember ceased.

    It had started to be unimportant.

    potlh net mev.
    ~Its importance ceased.