Word: seam



A suture or stitching that joins any two pieces of material

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  1. We can definitely say
    1. {Sut veH QISlu'bogh} "the stitched boundary of a garment", or even
    2. {Hampong veH QISlu'bogh} "the stitched boundary of a wound".

    We can also say
    3. {weSjech 'ay'mey HeH tay'} "the together-edge of pieces of fabric"

    Not terrible circumlocutions. But how might we say "Undo those seams and resew them", or differentiate a "seam" in (1) from the consent of a "hem"?
    Or talk about when seams themselves intersect with each other?

    I think this idea is distinct enough to warrant its own word.

  2. I this entry intended to cover other kinds of "seams", like two sheets of metal joined with rivets, or two sheets of paper joined with tape/glue?