Word: Reference temperatures for the SImyon scale



We know the name of the unit that Klingons use for measuring temperature, and how to express that something has a temperature using that unit, but no reference points by which we can convert between Earth temperature scales and the Klingon one. If SImyon are not absolute like Kelvin and Rankine, it would also be important to know how to express negative temperatures, as already requested in another chabal.

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  1. This would be ideally given in the form of "one SImyon is the equivalent of X degrees [any known Earth temperature scale]; 0 (or some other fixed reference point) SImyon is equal to Y (degrees) [ant known Earth temperature scale]". If it's given in another format such as reference points referring to properties like the freezing and boiling points of a substance, sufficient additional information to derive the equivalent temperatures in known Earth scales would need to be added (e.g. the atmospheric pressure, and perhaps even units of pressure and reference points for those)

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