Word: pattern, design pattern, markings, motif



a generic term for a picture or shape that is used as a decoration. also the pattern on the surface of things(clothes, wallpaper, birds, etc.)

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  1. pattern is a ghantoH precisely in the sense of a template referred to when making things. But the broader motif,  as applied to the Klingon visual arts, could refer to something as complicated as imagery.

    1. I think ghantoH will be used in a way like "look at the photos of Spider-Man to paint the Spider-Man figure".

      ghantoH means 'model, example, pattern', these meanings identify the meaning of the words.

      chabalwIj is ornamental or natural lines, marks, or graphics on a surface of something, in the sense of 'My cat has strange pattern', 'wallpaper of flower pattern'.

      1. I would still consider that a ghantoH, but this suggestion has my vote so that we can see the outcome.

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