Word: Nevada



The state of Nevada, site of at least one qep'a'

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  1. Honestly, for this and so many other place names, surely we have enough of them now that we can start to follow the same principles in coining our own? Having Marc render every single place name relevant to Klingon speakers would be an awfully big burden, and surely time would be better spent on more general lexical items.

    1. I somewhat sympathize with this^ view and I think that ideally in the future official canon transliterations should be produced on an ad-hoc basis in response to individual projects. But there is a fair amount of variation in official transliterations (e.g. or Iy for final [i]?,  final qaghwI' or no?) and it's good to have an official answer for some of these, especially since these places have a historical relationship with the KLI.

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