Word: Mr./Ms./-san


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Some Klingons have names that resemble general nouns ({QaS, Qel}), which may be confusing in some contexts. Titles could be used to disambiguate in some circumstances (such as {Qel 'aj} or {QaS joH}), but these often imply a hierarchical relationship or specific occupation. Do Klingons have neutral terms to specify persons, analogous to (gender-marked) English "Mr." or "Ms." or (not-gender-marked) Japanese "-san" or "-chan"?

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  1. The only times I've ever heard a Klingon called as "Mr." was when someone from Starfleet addressed Worf. Wouldn't Klingons usually refer to each other by name, honorific title, military rank or profession? Or don't the Santay 'Iptay etc. titles fulfill a similar function?

  2. Military titles are perfect for those that have them, but maybe not in a factory town or among spies. The original [Qel] had no title, house, or occupation that we know of, but it would be useful to indicate that it was an individual not a doctor that was distributing arms on Neural. Maybe some general noun like {rewbe'} {vInDa'} or {chuD} could serve a similar purpose, it may be a clarification question. It would be weird to have a word that would translate to English "Mr." and is used the same way, but also lack words that do part of its function.

    1. I like your suggestions of rewbe'vInDa' etc. But I also think Klingons are so direct and to the point that they'd just address or refer to someone they didn't know as e.g. loD man or qanwI' old person  and indicate social deference if any via the verbal suffix -neS.