Word: kelp



large heterokontic brown algae seaweed

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  1. There doesn't need to be a Klingon equivalent of every piece of Terran flora and fauna. Just say kelp. Perhaps what we need is some official transcription rules so we can write such words in pIqaD.

    1. Who says it's necessarily an equivalent of a Terran plant? They have their own homeworld, plus a whole empire's worth of Class-M planets.
      The idea they wouldn't have a native word for *at least* one kelplike plant is highly unlikely.

        1. When you're writing either poetry or prose, specific names add to the color. If you're merely describing what everything is and its function all the time, it feels mechanical and soulless.
          It's entirely realistic to expect a native word for this. And it will add color to future creative writing projects.