Word: judge



a public official appointed to decide cases in a court of law.

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    1. Maybe I dod not understand the English correctly, but I thought that arbitrate is different from what a judge does. According to webster, it means "to settle a dispute between two people or groups after hearing the arguments and opinions of both". If a criminal is brought to court and gets his punishment, I think there is not much discussion between the judge and the criminal, if the case is clear. An arbiter should find a solution that makes both parties happy. A sentenced criminal probably does not agree with what the judge says.

      1. If there's one person in a courtroom {bo'DIj pa'} qualified to be called {'oDwI'} it's the presiding judge, since they mediate disputes between court protocols, the prosecution, and the defense (for instance) in a criminal trial.

        Another option is {noHwI'} but this also means "estimator". Not quite as fitting.