Word: hiss



Animal noise similar to a growl

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  1. How is this distinct from growling and other noises? In English a hiss is a high-pitched sound that resembles a sibilant consonant /s/, and can refer to a variety of such sounds (tape hiss, hissing pipes), while growling is a rumbling, gutteral sound such as that made by predatory animals as a warning. The Wikipedia pages for these sounds do not have many versions in other languages. Is this an English or European-language-specific concept? Is the distinction based on the sound quality or the source (animal &c.)? Are there any hissing Klingon animals?
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Growling ; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiss

    1. I'm in favor of having this word apply to non-living sources as well, like the sound of air escaping from a tire.

  2. If hiss is a kind of growl, I would suggest using the word for growl and specify: bey Ham, bey pun, targh bey, etc.

    1. Hissing and growling are distinct enough, and associated with different animals (for instance) that this word has merit on its own.

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