Word: Have an area of


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The verb of measurement corresponding to {morghmey}, assuming one exists. "The field has an area of 4000 morgh."

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    1. Is there canon to back that usage up? It seems inconsistent with the way I understand juv is meant to be used. Like I would expect one to say something like yotlh vIjuv; wejvatlh javmaH 'uj 'aD 'ej wejvatlh 'uh juch the subject is the one doing the measuring, not the measurement.

      1. Aha, you're right. The subject of juv cannot be the unit, according to a MO message from 10/22/97. However you can reformulate the sentence as:
        loSSanID morgh'e' yotlh juvlu'(chu').
        The field is (entirely) measured at 4000 morgh.

        1. I don't really find that construction satisfactory. It reads like "As for 4000 morgh, the field is perfectly measured." It might make more sense the other way, yotlh'e' loSSa(nI)D morgh juvlu', or maybe something like yotlh juvlu'DI' loSSa(nI)D morgh juvlu', so there's certainly ways to express something having a measured area, but it's still inconsistent with how every other unit of measure (except for time, which I filed a separate entry for) is handled.

          1. I agree with all of this, Daniel. One could in principle say yotlh juvlu'DI' loSSanID morgh lutoghlu' (note that in your examples lu– is necessary because loSSanID morgh is plural) or some other such circumlocution, but since we have terminology for measurement in three dimensions and no less than four distinct verbs measuring objects in one dimension ('ab, 'aDjuch, Saw'), it stands entirely to reason that there is almost certainly a similar verb for area as well.