Word: fish, be fishing



Verb to describe process of catching fish (if such a concept in Klingon is distinguished from wam). "The villagers fish to sustain themselves." "The warrior likes to fish."

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  1. Tangentially, if Maltz knows more about different types of fish, that'd be interesting too. We have a rich vocabulary for land-dwelling and avian animals, but as aquatic animals go, we have only norgh as a specific type along with the general terms bIQDep and ghotI'.

      1. Ha! Just thought of something else. If I'm not mistaken, the episode in which some of the crew de-evolved into earlier ancestral forms established that the earliest taxon of the Klingons' ancestors to leave the oceans were more similar to crustaceans than to fish, with the forehead ridges presumably being vestiges of the crustaceans' carapace. No wonder Klingons are often so crabby!




  2. jon seems sufficient if the fish poses no real threat of bodily harm. One might wam large or dangerous aquatic life however.

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