Word: Fear


This word has been blacklisted. No further votes can be made on it.


There is ghIj, "to scare", but not a word to desctibe the emotion. Ex. "Fear is the minf killer"

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    1. I agree. We also have a number of phrases that demonstrate how to talk about "fear":

      vay' DaghIjlaHchugh bIHoSghaj.
      Fear is power.

      not qoHpu"e' neH ghIjlu'.
      Only fools have no fear.

      1. Thirded. It's too basic a concept for its absence to have been an accidental oversight.

        For "fear is the mind-killer", I'd happily say simply yab HoH ghIjwI' "a thing which scares kills the mind".

  1. That's all right if the omission was made on purpose.

    boqwI' lists another interesting mu'tlhegh where ghIj appears to be used as an adverb:

    ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj

    It would be useful to know if it can be used, as the note says the phrase is "archaic"

    1. In that fossilized sentence, jaghmey appears to be used as a verb. Don't use it as an example of anything productive in the "modern" Klingon that we're studying.

  2. Think verbs. ghIj, Haj, -vIp Whenever your sentence is based around a noun that doesn't describe a physical object, back up and do it with verbs.