Word: experience



knowledge or skill in a particular job or activity gained by performing that job or activity, as opposed to having just been taught it: "He has plenty of programming experience"

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  1. Honestly, I think this is very well-covered by existing vocab: knowledge (Sov), ability (laH), to be skilled (po'), and the idiom Dujmey law' chIjpu' "has navigated many ships" (see KGT): ghunwI' gheStaHvIS Dujmey law' chIjpu' "he has plenty of programming experience" (lit. "while taking on the responsibilities of a programmer, he has commanded many ships").

    1. I see experience as something that is different from the suggested words.

      Sov is something that is taught or transferred from one person to another, it can be learned through experience, but it's not the experience itself. laH is something that someone has built in. po' is what you can be if you have experience or knowledge. Dujmey law' chIjpu' works for "be experienced", but it doesn't help when discussing the noun, which is what I'm after.

      How would you translate something like "You have gained more experience while flying ships than you could be taught in a classroom"? Also, how would you say "experience points" in a game? Those are the types of things I want to be able to talk about.

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