Word: edit, revise



review for the purpose of making or suggesting changes

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  1. I think that can be said using words like 'ol verify, choH change and and chup suggest:
    ghItlhlIj vI'olta'; choHmey 'op vIchup. I have checked your script and have some change suggestions.

    1. Also remember that Okrand said about the verb Sach: „If a person works on a book, or a device, and improves it, makes it better than before, then they SachmoH the thing. The result is, as an example, a paq Sach an "expanded book". (qepHom 2018 video interview) "

    2. The editing process is more than just checking for mistakes, which is what 'ol suggests there. A better verb to replace 'ol in the sentence above would be nuD examine.

      If edit, revise is a single word, we can refer to an editor of a text using a single noun with -wI', without putting together choHmey chupbogh nuDwI"e'.

      Indeed, an editor's changes may in fact be mandatory instead of optional, so chup need not apply.

      What an editor does is not necessarily an improvement per se (that's a moral or aesthetic judgment on the part of the user of the word Sach, not the editor themself).

      This concept is sufficiently complicated to deserve its own word.

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