Word: crawl / slither



Movement verb(s) for snakes, bugs, and animal generally low to the ground

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  1. We already have 'eD for crawl, so maybe a clarification on whether that verb could also be used for slithering motions or a separate verb for slithering would be good.

  2. I think 'eD means how a normally bipedal creature moves when it gets on all fours. This verb would describe how a bug or lizard moves when it scuttles around.

  3. A difference should be stated clearly, because snakes have no legs, bugs do, and we have a word for crawl, which seems to refer to what people (like babies or soldiers in the mud) do. The question around is: Do animals qet/jaH/yIt? — and of course, yes, how is the movement of snakes named?

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