Word: coincidence



a lucky concurrence of circumstances or events without any causal connection. "The Chancellor went to the same bar as the assassin. Because of this coincidence, he was killed." "By coincidence, we were in the same place." (Possibly better as adverb.)

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  1. This is where I'd be tempted to use quq be simultaneous, happen simultaneously with a classic Okrand-style breakdown into two sentences.

    tachDaq ghaHtaH Qang'e'. tach rapDaq SaHtaH chotwI"e'. quqmo' wanI'vam Qang HoHlaHpu' chotwI'.
    "The chancellor was in the bar. The murderer was present in the same bar. Because these events were simultaneous, the murderer was able to kill the Chancellor."

    To emphasise the lack of causal connection you could perhaps use chIchHa' unintentionally (to produce a different nuance from bong accidentally).

    1. In general I am in favor of this thought process. Building off of your reasoning, perhaps one could speak of chIchHa' meychuqbogh Sanmey unintentionally fitting destinies, though asking for a shorter expression is also tempting.

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