Word: clap



smacking ones hands together in order to show appreciation, or whatever Klingons would do in the same situation. Can also include smacking any two things together in a way that produces a sound. 

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    1. clap includes the generation of sound as well, so it would have to be "make open flat hands collide in order to produce a sound", which becomes far too cumbersome if you want to say "The audience clapped when the presentation ended". I don't want to have to say "The audio made their flat hands collide in order to produce a sound when the presentation ended".

      And then that also excludes any other things that clap. What if someone is clapping using the backs of their hands, their hand and their leg, their butt cheeks, or some other part of the body? The focus of the request is the production of sound to show appreciation, and less the specifics of what is colliding. 

      Again, I'm going to say, just because one can describe an action in the language it doesn't exclude the need, or desire, to have a single work explain it. I know it's fun to try to describe events, but I feel like I'm constantly saying "this is too long and cumbersome to be useful".

      1. You don't have to mention that sound is made; it's obvious. It would be much more unusual to not make sound when making your hands collide. If you're using other body parts, simply substitute those body parts for ghItDu'. Also you can pare it down to a two-syllable difference:

        rInDI' much, ghIt paw'moH bejwI'pu'. 
        When the presentation is over, the listeners clap.

        Seems like a very specifically human thing to do anyway. Not having a dedicated Klingon word would emphasize what a weird behavior it really is, haha. Conversely, I want some normal human things to seem odd and cumbersome; it's on-brand so to speak.

        1. That's why the request contains "whatever Klingons would do in the same situation." I want to know, if Klingons don't clap to show appreciation, what would they do and what is the verb that covers it.  Voting it down, or trying to explain it away, means we would lose that answer to that question too.

        2. We've seen Klingons clap, like at the end of Star Trek VI, though it might be something they picked up from Humans.

  1. wab'e' lIngbogh weq'eghbogh wa' ghIt yIDel!
    What is the sound of one hand clapping? [lit. Describe the sound produced by one flat open hand that strikes its own palm!]

    1. Are you sure that's what the original phrase is asking? I would say you have misunderstood the question if you believe it's asking about one hand striking itself… although this would be a larger philosophical conversion. 😀

      1. This was more a sentence for fun meant to explore the concept. Indeed, there's a reason why Zen disciples extinguish their egos meditating on it haha.

  2. to clap also means "to audibly strike with an open hand", as in "he clapped him on the back"; similar to "slap" which sounds like it should be matrial arts terminology.

    "applaud" is a less gesture-specific way of showing recognition, although I wonder if {van} suffices.

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