Word: civilian



A person who is not on active duty. In the Klingon society, this could refer to Klingon monks, servants, children, people who have not undergone the Age of Ascension and other non-military personnel. This could also be used to refer non-military ships like merchant wessels, passenger transport ships, and so on.

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    1. Civilian doesn't always mean same as "non-military". In many countries there can be civilian personnel working in the military organization, typically working in non-fighting roles like cleaning, cooking, strategy making, weapon development, and so on.

      1. Such individuals are without military rank/status:
        {pIj nuHmey ren QI' patlh HutlhwI'pu'}
        "Civilians frequently design weapons."

        {QI'vaD jIjlaH QI' Dotlh HutlhwI'pu'}
        "Civilians can cooperate with the military."